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Age is just a number

We hear about this quite often. But getting to meet people who demonstrate this is another thing. Luckily in the last decade, I've been able to meet them every now and then. Thanks to my nature of business.

Meet Shri Laskhmikanth Mehta. Batting on 91. Was born and brought up in Bangalore, India. Was an active business person and now that his son is taking care of things, is looking to use his time productively. Yes, that's what he told me when he walked in to my store the day before.

"I want to learn to play a musical instrument. Now I have the time and I don't want to waste it", he said.

After half an hour of a detailed Q & A session he was extremely happy (and so was I, as you can see from the picture!). He said he will be back soon after he has reflected on all the tips I shared about what instrument he should choose and how he could go about learning. I'm sure he will.

In today's era of disruptions, this is the mindset which will differentiate people who are willing to learn, unlearn and re-learn, from those who aren't ready for change. The attitude to adapt to changes. The conviction that age is just a number. The courage to seek and ask relevant questions. The humility to seek learning from anyone who is willing and capable of sharing, even from people half our age. The ability to forget past successes and titles. To be able to look ahead but stay in the present.

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