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Session for the top 100 leaders of a fast growing company
May, 2019

Leaders of an engineering firm went through a session to understand why and what it means to scale. This was a half-day intervention by team AltEd. The brief was to inspire the leadership team. The interactive session included an interactive session covering the journeys of some big companies, startups which overturned some big names and understanding turning points. 

The session ended with an inspiring keynote on how to overcome seemingly unsurmountable challenges.

Personal Branding Workshop
Feb | Mar | Apr, 2019 

Focus of these workshops is to help each participant create his/her own personal brand building plan. Participants so far have included keynote speakers, writers, entrepreneurs, chartered accountants, people from creative fields, young corporate leaders and even a doctor!

Personal branding helps one increase your influence in a positive manner. It also helps draw attention and build trust in the ventures you are involved in before your venture becomes a recognised brand by itself.