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Undergad & Working Professioals

Undergrad+ and Working professionals


Who should Attend?

College students and above

First Time Manager

Who should Attend?

Anyone with 3+ years' of work experience

Creating a Personal Brand Strategy

Who should Attend?

Managers, Senior Leaders, Entrepreneurs who wish to build and leverage their personal brand to become better influencers.

Personal Career


Who should Attend?

Anyone still in college / someone who is already a senior leader and looking at career growth or considering a career switch.

Creating a Balanced Career Plan

Who should Attend?

Anyone above 8th Grade including working professionals who are keen to switch careers.

Delivering Impactful Presentations

Who should Attend?

College students, young working professionals, entrepreneurs.

Customer Management

Who should Attend?

People associated with sales and customer support or anyone for whom this matters.

Managing Managers

Who should Attend?

First Line Managers, entrepreneurs

Negotiation and Influencing skills

Who should Attend?

College students, working professionals, entrepreneurs

First Time Entrepreneur

Who should Attend?

Anyone who is planning to take up entrepreneurship or has just begun the journey.

How to build cohesive teams

Who should Attend?

Any senior lead, manager or entrepreneur who wishes to learn more and develop in this area.

Young & Early Teens

Young and Early Teens


Explore and learn to develop and use multiple skills.

Applied Skills

Applied Communication


Learn to not only communicate effectively, but also understand how to, in different situations and environments.

Applied Thinking


By rote learning has been killing creativity and originality in thinking. Learn how to connect pieces of information / knowledge to accomplish greater things. Also learn to appreciate the environment, people around you and develop your overall character to become a problem solver!

Applied LEarning

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