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Young & Early Teens

Young and Early Teens


Explore and learn to develop and use multiple skills.

Applied Skills

Applied Communication


Learn to not only communicate effectively, but also understand how to, in different situations and environments.

Applied Thinking


By rote learning has been killing creativity and originality in thinking. Learn how to connect pieces of information / knowledge to accomplish greater things. Also learn to appreciate the environment, people around you and develop your overall character to become a problem solver!

Applied LEarning

Undergad & Working Professioals

Undergrad+ and Working professionals


Campus TO Corporate

There is a gap between what we learn in a school/college and what our jobs demand. This program is to help individuals understand and learn how to close this gap. Covers communications, business etiquette, corporate context and understanding typical expectations at work.


Finance For

Non-Finance PEople

In the current era, finance has become an important topic for people across multiple domains - people wanting to invest in the stock market, people wanting to plan their investments better, small and medium entrepreneurs running a lean setup, emerging corporate leaders. Various topics such as the following are covered:


  • Understanding Balance Sheets

  • Trading on the stock exchange

  • Basics of home finance and types of investment options

  • Financial 101 for first time entrepreneur

Making an effective and extremely short

presentation. Extremely important for any professional in a world where time

is money.

Crafting an elevator pitch


Personal BRanding


Understand how to build and leverage your own personal brand to make best use of your opportunities. Useful for managers, entrepreneurs, doctors, artists and such professionals alike.

Balanced Career Planning


A balanced career plan is one which looks at the big picture of life. If we believe that we were born with a certain purpose in life, then our careers become a small part of what we’ve set as goals for ourselves. This program is applicable for 8th graders and above!

Negotiation & Influencing SKills


This skill is extremely important across all domains and working professionals. The scope includes:

  • Sales negotiations

  • Purchase negotiations

  • Inter-personal negotiations


First Time Manager


  • What it means to transition from an individual contributor to a managerial/leadership role

  • Expectations, skills required to perform, develop and grow.

First Time Entrepreneur


Understand what it takes to become one. In addition to whatever idea one may have, there are a number of other aspects which one should be aware of and well prepared in. Either on a personal front or through the complementary skills which a partner brings to the table.

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