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Deciphering the Journey of Life!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Typically, a title such as this, takes our minds to philosophical and spiritual topics! While that is not a bad thing, let me assure you this is much more lighter and based on simple and plain logic. All based on observations of real people and their lives.

A simple framework to understand the flow of our respective journeys broken down to 10 different stages based on age. Beginning from the time we are born till we get into our 80's and 90's. Subtle deviations / differences may exist due to our different cultural and personal situations.

This video presentation is 67 minutes long. Not the usual short clip that you see these days where most people have a short attention span. That is only because, this is a condensed version of a workshop which I normally do for an audience comprising of families. A workshop which normal spans up to 3 hours! This has impact on your personality, your career, your happiness quotient and the legacy you end up creating.

Just sit back, and relax as you watch this. Perhaps hit the pause button to break into a discussion amongst yourselves (oh yes, it is best viewed as a family!) and then continuing.

Do leave a comment on the channel so that I can learn from your key takeaways!

Good luck with your journey!


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